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What You'll Learn

After this 4 Day course you'll know how to:

  • Select the Right Gear to Use
  • Use an Intervalometer
  • Choose the Best Lens For Your Shoot
  • Compose Your Photo Before It's Dark
  • Calculate the Optimal Exposure Time
  • Use Blending Modes Like A Pro
  • Blend and Stack Multiple Images
  • Use Masks Like A Pro
  • Remove Light Pollution & Image Ghosting
  • Color Correct & Enhance Your Photo
  • Properly Touchup Your Photo
  • Optimize Your Post-Production Workflow

Topics & Techniques 

Session 1

Gear: Selection, Set-Up & Options
  • General Considerations
  • Selecting the Right Gear
    • dSLRs
    • Power / Batteries
    • Lens Choices
    • Tripods
    • Tripod Heads & Brackets
    • How to Use Intervelometers
    • Lighting Options
    • Helpful Accessories
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Session 3>

Post Production: Blending & Stacking
  • Computer Recommendations
  • Importing, Review & Basic Post-Production
  • Pre-Stacking: Understanding Blending
  • Stacking Software Options
  • Stacking How To
  • Pitfall Recap
Session 2

The Shoot: Process, Exposure & Execution
  • The Technique
  • Setup
  • Finding Circumpolar Stars
  • Composition
  • Natural Lighting Tips
  • Apps & Tools
  • Exposure
    • Exposure Triangle
    • Fine Tuning Exposure
    • Exposure Approaches
  • Running Sequences
  • Pitfalls to Avoid
Session 4

Post Production: Masking & Final Edits
  • Masking
    • Masking Basics
    • Masking Shortcuts
    • Masking Light Pollution
  • Final Edits


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Mastering Star Trail Photography Video Course
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  • Mastering Star Trail Photography Video (digital download)
  • Professional instruction and tips covering every aspect of star trail photography including
    gear selection, camera technique, post-processing and more
  • FREE: copy of the eBook  Photographing the 4th Dimension — Time

About Jim

Jim Goldstein is a full-time professional photographer, based out of San Francisco, California who specializes in outdoor and nature photography. He runs the popular Landscape, Nature & Travel photography blog, JMG-Galleries where he features his latest photography and writing. His dramatic and innovative photography has been featured in publications worldwide including Outdoor Photograph, Popular Photography, the Washington Post, Sierra Club, and many more.

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